Workflow: MLOps for Training Data

Workflow handles the Machine Learning Ops, the plumbing, of getting Training Data to and from ML programs. Unlock an ecosystem of new ML tools, surface your processes, and take your AI to the next level.

Diffgram for Enterprise

Ecosystem of Tech

Access and use a growing ecosystem of machine learning, and training data specific tools, like Huggingface, AutoML training, dataset debugging, and more.

Deeply integrate your model training and prediction with your data and human supervision.


Diffgram for Enterprise

Works with Annotation & Catalog

Workflows are deeply integrated into Annotation. Easily create human tasks based on new files. Take action in your application based on Diffgram events. Pre-label data to be explored in the Catalog. And so much more.


Debug and Engineering Led Support Diffgram

Compare to Labelbox Model


  • Similar deep integration with data prep, config, error & more.
  • Better, rising tide of multiple teams working together.
  • More flexible with more use cases across your business. 
  • No extra cost, included as part of core Diffgram.
  • Customize Workflow to your needs with Enterprise.