High-Quality Video Annotation

Correct Predictions and Create New Training Data.

Super Fast Video Annotation While Maintaining Frame-level Precision

Diffgram’s super fast suite of annotation tools help you annotate your video data faster than ever. Install it on Kubernetes or try it online to start annotating high-quality video data.

A Complete Suite Of Video Annotation Solution

Diffgram is a comprehensive data training platform that can cater to and help you create the highest quality video annotation.

  • UNLIMITED Annotations
  • UNLIMITED Automations
  • Faster to output
  • Simplified human review pipelines
  • Better data security

Video Semantic Segmentation Solutions For Every Use-Case

Diffgram comes with all spatial tools, all attribute tools, and packed solutions that are available for every video annotation instance. The following are some (of many) high-level use-cases (for references) in which you can deploy the use of Diffgram in “video annotations”. Our video tool introduces no restrictions – it simply works.

Auto Bordering

Use Diffgram to automatically create perfect edges for complex video objects.

Object Tracking

Predict the next frame and thus make your video annotation job faster.

Magic Predict

Use Diffgram “Magic” to magically choose the best annotation method.

Focus Mode

Instantly Focus on a specific Instance.

Superior Quality For Faster and UNLIMITED Annotations at Scale.

Don’t just annotate data. With Diffgram, ingest, annotate, automate and create human review workflows all in a single platform. Our platform also supports annotation queries and secure debugging. No need to leave the platform.

Level Up Your Model’s Learning By Annotating Your Data On Diffgram