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Get complete visibility and control of every part of your labeling operations. Diffgram has the right annotation solution for every task.

Annotate All Media


Turn your images into Revenue with Diffgram. The Diffgram Image Annotation UI is engineered for flexibility, speed, and quality. Our range of spatial tools will give you the power to perform image annotation and active learning with any instance type.

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Super fast video annotation while maintaining frame-level precision. Get high resolution, high frame rate, multiple sequences with our video labeling interface.

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High quality and no lag 3D Point cloud annotation solution. Built for LIDAR but works for ANY 3D data labeling.

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Transform text data into information through Diffgram’s highly capable text annotation solution.

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TimeSeries, and other types are coming! Feel free to contact us or open a ticket on github for your preferred type.

Annotation, Data Catalog, & Workflow

Label Faster, Manage Label Costs, & Improve Label Quality.

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Level Up Your Model’s Learning By Annotating Your Data On Diffgram

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From annotations to automations

Annotate Easily

Diffgram’s Spatial and Attribute tools can easily support 3D, Video, Image, and Text annotations.

Annotation Diffgram

Automate Your Annotations

Create beautiful user scripts to make your data training faster and more efficient.

Create Workflows

Create human review pipelines and MLOps workflows that increase your overall efficiency.



Store virtually any scale of the dataset and instantly access slices of the data to avoid having to download/unzip/load.* 

*(Unlimited Storage is with respect to local installations. Please see our pricing to understand regarding onsite storage or contact us. We are happy to answer any questions) 

Level Up Your Model’s Learning By Annotating Your Data On Diffgram


Ingest your prediction data fast and easy without a software engineer or writing additional scripts.

Diffgram Ingest

Stream To Training

Load streaming data from Diffgram directly into your training libraries with one line.

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Skip downloading and unzipping massive datasets. Explore data instantly through the browser.


Debug and fix your issues without having to leave the platform. Uncover bad data and edge cases with Automatic error highlighting. Curate data and send for labeling with one click.

Secure and Private

Runs on your local system or cloud. Less lag, more secure, more control.