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  • Tried, tested, and vetted by an ever-growing global community
  • Compounds in value with an ever-growing network of contributors and users
  • A community bigger than the company
Diffgram is the most secure data labeling platform

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Labelstudio (Heartex) is an alternative. Learn the difference between LabelStudio and Diffgram. 

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Diffgram’s open-source developmental nature allows us to be judged, questioned, and become better every day through our ever-growing community.

The majority of our code is open source. You can inspect it, edit it, and control it.* The full power of Diffgram on your hardware at no cost for up to 20 users.*

Diffgram users are spread across the globe and deploy our platform across a wide range of use cases.

This direction enables us to move fast, adapt and deploy patches, updates, and ship new features at a speed that sometimes surprises even us.