The Most Flexible Image Annotation on Earth

Customize, Code, Edit, or Embed the Powerful Diffgram Image Annotation module.

The Community Validated Standard For Image Labeling

Flexibility, Speed, Quality, Intuitive use, and more. It’s the community validated standard and the most powerful labeling tool in the known universe. Supports all popular spatial types including box, polygon, segmentation, points, lines, relationships, classifications, hierarchical classes, global attributes, and more.

Ergonomic Drawing Tool To Annotate Images

Diffgram’s UNLIMITED model coupled with its intuitive and easy to use image labeling interface will level up your training data quality fast.

  • UNLIMITED Image Labeling and Annotations
  • UNLIMITED Annotation Automations
  • Spatial tools 
  • Better data security

Trusted By Over 11,000 Users Around The World

Annotation Software Built At Scale For High Quality Computer Vision Image Annotation

Diffgram is not like any other image annotation app. It’s image annotation tools give you the flexibility and ability to label and annotate your image data the way you want it.

Object Detection

Use vectors to rapidly detect objects. Our Object Detection Annotation tools for annotating images for deep learning will help improve your image labeling processes faster.

Image Classification

Customize the way you classify your data with drop-down, radio buttons and much more.

Image Segmentation

From pixel segmentation tools like the polygon tool, bounding box tools and more, Diffgram’s intuitive image segmentation tools that make your annotator’s job easier.

Level Up Your Model’s Learning By Annotating Your Data On Diffgram

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