The quality of your annotations and training data depends on how well your annotation workforce executes the tasks. Guides are readable instructions that help improve the quality of annotations created by your labelers. Diffgram allows you to create detailed guides that can drastically step up your training data quality.

What are Guides On Diffgram?

A guide, as the name suggests is detailed/specific instructions or directions that can help your annotation workforce execute tasks better. Guides instruct trainers on how to complete annotations among other things. 

Guides are a way to keep important instructions top of mind while the annotation work is being done. You can define guides in your project and reuse them.

Guides can be especially relevant for:

  1. Technical requirements, such as tight vs loose bounding boxes
  2. Clarity on edge cases
  3. Guides are required in case of 3rd party distribution (eg Scale)

As a best practice, choose a different guide for reviewers and trainers.

How To Create Guides on Diffgram?

To create a Guide, go to the tasks menu and click on “Guides:”

Now add details on what needs to be done and specific instructions by going into the guides.

How To Delete Guides on Diffgram?

You can delete Guides on your Diffgram project by simply archiving them. Here’s how it is done.