Catalog: Explore, Discovery, Curate, and Use your Unstructured Data 


Search and visualize all of your unstructured data in one place. All your data, metadata, labels, and predictions at your fingertips you can make better decisions to unblock your AI initiatives.


Diffgram for Enterprise

Faster Search

Search for labeled and unlabeled data using metadata, model inferences, and other attributes like embedding similarity.

Easy UI is point and click, no need for engineering one-off scripts just to find data.

Send data directly to a labeling project in just a few clicks.


Diffgram for Enterprise

Built for ease of use

As your org grows it’s common for folks doing the curation to be different from the ones doing the annotation or model training.

Catalog unlocks the value in your existing data by surfacing existing opportunities and saving on unnecessary work. Easily search for existing data and predictions.

Diffgram Catalog is built for ease of use. No coding skills required. 


Deep Checks Integration

Use the latest methods 

Diffgram integrates with a variety of best in class methods. You can use active learning, auto labeling with weak supervision, and more.

Learn about examples like hugging face zero shot, and Deepchecks. Many more to come. With enterprise we can easily add methods for your specific use, or your team can directly.


Diffgram is the most secure data labeling platform

Share and act on insights faster

Store popular searches and easily share results with your team.

Share UI driven insights in one click with data science teams for SDK based model training.


Diffgram is the most secure data labeling platform

Analyze model results

Visually compare model runs and versions. 


Debug and Engineering Led Support Diffgram

Compare against Labelbox Catalog



  • Diffgram supports more Integrations
  • Similar core features
  • No extra cost, included as part of core Diffgram
  • Customize Catalog to your needs with Enterprise