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Visualize And Label Data Across Frames In 3D

Escape Low Res and Sluggish 3D Annotations

Annotating 3D point cloud data can be sluggish, slow, and complex at times. With Diffgram’s singleplatform nature, you can annotate your 3D data faster and in a much simpler fashion.

Level Up Your AI Models With Diffgram’s UNLIMITED Model

Point cloud annotations are heavily dependent on the tools your training data software can give you. With Diffgram’s comprehensiveness, you need not worry about the same.

  • Simplified Annotations
  • Full Spectrum Labelling
  • High Data Security

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LiDAR Focused – Ready for Any 3D Data

Diffgram’s 3D Point cloud annotation tool is built to annotate LiDAR data faster but any type of 3D labeling is possible. The following are just some high level use-cases for “3D Annotations”. Our platform virtually supports any 3D use cases. If it does not, it must be in our roadmap.

Object Tracking

Label complex scenarios in 3D point cloud by tracking multiple frames.

Object Classification

Train computer vision models with accurate object classification for 3D Point cloud scenarios.


Segment 3D point cloud data such as cars, buildings or the sky accurately

Level Up Your Model’s Learning By Annotating Your Data On Diffgram