Integrate Human Supervision

into your Platform

For LLMs, Multi-Modal Data, and Every Media Type.

Display ML outputs and annotated data in your application,

collect human feedback and supervision,

and integrate with your ML smarts.

Built for AI tech platforms

Diffgram has a “Platform” level approach meaning that you can integrate Diffgram into your application. We support your team programmatically changing the UI (Schema, layout, etc.) like in Streamlit. This means that you can collect and annotate timely data from users. In other words, we are the platform behind your platform, an integrated part of your application, to ship new & better AI products faster.

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Diffgram is the only Community Validated Commerical Standard

Flexible, Customizable, & API/SDK Driven

Trusted By Over 11,000 Users Around The World

Empower End User’s Productivity

Better ROI with Diffgram UNLIMITED

Get a better return on your data engine investment with Diffgram Unlimited. Diffgram is Unlimited Annotations, Automations, Projects, Data Catalog, and more. Save More, Train Better.

Diffgram's Unlimited pricing model

Built for Rapid Scaling

  • Install on Docker or Kubernetes
  • Engineer Led Support
  • Built For Scale

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“Responsive Support, Great data handling. Especially for updates with pre labeling / AI assist.”

Sandy B